A variety of health problems and working conditions may predispose a worker to an occupationally induced illness or injury. On the other hand, some job demands may exceed some worker's capabilities. The purpose of the Pre-Placement Health Assessment is to determine that the right person fits the right position.


Healthserv will develop and implement a Pre-Placement Assessment, designed to fit your company's requirements. 

Testing can include a Functional Fitness Testing, Occupational Health Nurse Examination, Pulmonary Function Testing, Vision and Laboratory tests.

Audio testing and ECG are also available.


The Canadian Human Rights Commission takes the position that a worker may be medically screened only after an offer to hire has been made, and that any screening consideration be justified by a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement. Often this necessitates doing a Job Demand Analysis, which fully analyzes the position, defining precisely the physical, mental and environmental demands of the job. This means that workers must be assessed based on the job demands specific to their employment.