Medical Case Management is a collaborative process.

Our expert team of occupational health physicians, nurses and consultants will connect with the employee, analyze the workplace and put the best medical advice into action. Our knowledge helps companies, unions and employees navigate the often complex requirements of our public health system, employee benefit plans, collective agreements, Work Safe regulations and Canadian human rights legislation.

Healthserv's Medical Case Management service enhances existing workplace Disability Management and Return to Work programs for those multifaceted cases, such as Addictions and Mental Health, or those individuals that are simply not progressing in their recovery. We provide the expertise required to determine effective medical interventions, guided treatment plans and successful outcomes.

The Medical Case Management Process

The case management process is a direct, client-focused, proactive strategy to effectively manage illness, injury and attendance issues in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Healthserv firmly believes in the importance of proactive early intervention for workers with a disability.  Our service is based on the value of the employee as an appreciating asset and the belief that the workplace is a community; encompassing the manager, the union, the employee and the employee's family members.  Within this special context the worker's health, legal and financial concerns require prompt and continuing attention while the worker is treated with respect and dignity. 

Employees are assessed by an experienced certified Occupational Health Nurse Specialist to determine a plan of care based on best practices. The OHN coordinates and expedites medical specialist assessment and/or diagnostic testing and interprets, implements, and monitors treatment recommendations.  Healthserv endeavours to empower employees to maintain work, or return to work, in a safe and sustainable manner and to improve the quality of their lives.

Why have Occupational Health Nurses manage your case?

Healthserv Occupational Health Nurse Managers (OHNs) have a unique understanding of the need to balance the complex interactions between an employee's physical, emotional and psycho-social state with the demands of their job.  Our OHN team understands job diversity, the specific demands of each job, dynamics of the work place and the health and functional status of the employee.  Our OHNs work with the employer to identify the availability of modified, alternate, transitional and graduated return to work opportunities.