Having experienced Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs), Occupational Health physicians (OHPs), Kinesiologists, Specialists and Consultants as the core part of our team ensures that all Healthserv clients benefit from the highest level of medical expertise.

Let's meet the team.


Kathryn C. Rud RN, COHN

As the President and CEO, Kathryn’s vision for medical case management in the workplace is infused into the Healthserv corporate culture and the professionals who deliver our services. Kathryn oversees the work of all Healthserv professionals and services throughout Western Canada. A leading-edge consultant in her field, Kathryn offers her consultancy services to companies and organisations seeking customised strategies to complement or create current in-house protocols. In addition to being an in demand keynote speaker, Kathryn is published internationally in IPE (Investment & Pensions Europe), regarding managing disability costs in Canada. As a recognised authority in Occupational Health and Safety, Kathy continues to inspire and ignite positive change within both her community and industry through her dedicated mentorship and advocacy. She is an active member of the Steering Committee for University of Victoria’s Occupational Health Program, and fervently supports and encourages the efforts of the next generation of female leaders in business.
Kathryn has provided medical case management for Healthserv since 1995. She has led Healthserv as President and CEO since 1999. She has been the sole proprietor of Healthserv since 2004. 


R. Douglas Hamm, MD, CCFP, FCBCM, FRCP C
Healthserv Professionals Inc. Medical Director

Dr. Hamm has served as an occupational medical consultant to industry, the legal community and WCB, including dealing with complex claims related to chronic pain, head injury, psychiatric issues and prolonged rehabilitation. Prior to joining Healthserv, Dr. Hamm was Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary and then Director of the B.C. Government Employee Health Services where he provided and managed occupational health services for 40,000 B.C. public service employees. Dr. Hamm has authored several papers in occupational medicine. He is qualified as a specialist in occupational medicine by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and also has certification in occupational medicine from the Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine. He is licensed to practice medicine in Alberta and BC, and provides assessment services in Victoria and Vancouver. Dr. Hamm has been providing Occupational Medical services for Healthserv for over twenty years.

Rae Porter BA Hons., MA
Director, Communications & Services

Rae joined Healthserv in 2014, quickly establishing herself as an integral part of the team.  Responsible for overseeing company operations, communications strategies and ensuring that all clients receive the highest standard of service, Rae leads with initiative, awareness and humour.  Rae holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Leicester and a Masters in International Journalism from Liverpool John Moore’s University.  Actively involved in Victoria’s vibrant arts and culture scene, Rae writes for a number of local media outlets.

Nikki Taylor RN, BScN, OHN
Occupational Health Nurse Consultant

Nikki Taylor has a broad range of experience in providing Occupational Health services both in Canada and the United States. Nikki’s expertise have benefited both large and small organisations; she has been responsible for the co-ordination and management of occupational health programs, as well as providing direct disability management to ill and injured workers in both industrial and insurance settings.  She is also well versed in program development, health education, Job Demand Analyses, Ergonomic Assessment, and health promotion.  

Joanne Yule RN, BScN, COHN, CC(C)
Occupational Health Nurse Consultant

Joanne’s professional experience has included medical surgical nursing, Charge Nurse of an Intensive Care Unit, and extensive experience in community nursing.  Joanne has worked with Healthserv Professionals since 2004 in the capacity of providing Immunization clinics and beginning 2006 in the capacity of Occupational Health Consultant, Medical Case Manager. She is recognised for her depth of knowledge, leadership and decision-making skills

Valerie Kerr RN, COHN
Occupational Health Nurse Consultant

Valerie has eighteen years of acute care medical and surgical nursing experience. She has participated in the development of exposure monitoring programs for industry clients and delivered immunization programs. She is an experienced Medical Case Manager working with clients with challenging multi-factorial concurrent disorders, networking with other healthcare professionals to determine and facilitate appropriate prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and appropriate return to work.

Eleanor Gilding RN, MA, BScN, COHN
Occupational Health Nurse/Immunization Program Manager

Eleanor has over twelve years of experience as a manager and educator in Occupational Health and Safety Services, Occupational Health Education Services, and Infection Control. Eleanor has Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Masters Degree in Education and is currently registered as a practising member in the CRNBC. She had developed and implemented curriculum for Occupational Health and Safety and Immunization Programs for a wealth of clients. Eleanor excels in creating a team approach in the programs she manages and demonstrates effective communication and interpersonal skills.  As well as managing Healthserv's Immunization Programs, Eleanor also manages the coordination and execution of Healthserv's Workplace Wellness Clinics.

Denise Hurtig BSPE, BCAK

Denise is a registered Kinesiologist and a member of the British Columbia Assocation of Kinesiologists (BCAK).  In addition, she is both a Matheson certified and an ACRON Certified Functional Evaluator and Certified Permanent Functional Impairment (PFI) Clinician - WCB.  Denise possesses exceptional assessment skills and is recognised for her communication skills with workers, unions and employers.

Renn Madeleine Bibeau, BMus
Communications & Service Coordinator

Renn is Healthserv’s own ‘Special Ops’, seamlessly covering a multitude of projects with her own exceptional style. Prior to joining Healthserv in 2018, Renn was involved in Vancouver Island’s non-profit sector. She brings with her a considerable skill set and a positive attitude.  Renn graduated from the University of Victoria in 2014 with a Bachelor of Music. In her spare time Renn teaches piano and voice, and performs with her band Fox Glove.

Cindy Derwores
Office Coordinator

Cindy supports the entire Healthserv team, taking on any task with professionalism and grace. She keeps the office running smoothly and provides exemplary service to clients. With extensive experience as an Executive Assistant, working in a variety of sectors, Cindy brings a keen attention to detail and creative problem solving to her work at Healthserv.