A Job Demand Analysis (JDA) is a structured process designed to identify the specific physical, psychosocial and environmental requirements of a job. 

Conducted by a Healthserv Occupational Health Professional, information is collected through observation, measurement and interviews with both incumbent employees and supervisors.  This onsite information is then analysed, compared and combined with reference literature and the National Occupational Classifications (NOC).

This analysis results in a specific job description and Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFOR'S), which are the minimum and absolute requirements an individual needs to safely perform the job.

Job Demand Analyses are used to:

  • Develop specific protocols for both Pre-placement Assessments and Return to Work Assessments

  • Develop Graduated Return to Work Plans

  • Develop job accommodation in Duty to Accommodate Programs

  • Guide treatment during rehabilitation post injury or illness

  • Provide a realistic match of job demands with a worker's ability

Benefits include:

  • Reduced injuries resulting from the assessment and match of demands with abilities

  • Appropriate treatment and rehabilitation

  • Timely and sustained return to work, benefiting both employee and employer

  • Return to work and accommodation decisions that are defensible.

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