This is my first time booking online with this system.  Which Internet browser will work best?

Healthserv has built an online scheduling platform using JaneApp, from Jane Software Inc.  When booking your Flu Shot appointment from your desktop computer or laptop, both Healthserv and Jane recommend using Google Chrome or Safari 7 or later.  This will lead to a more streamlined booking experience all round.

If you are booking your Flu Shot appointment on the go using your tablet or smartphone, the default browser will work just fine (they're all compatible). For Android users, Chrome is great, and for iPhone or iPad (2nd generation or newer) the in-built Safari browser will also perform well.

If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer/Edge (except Internet Explorer in tablet mode on a Microsoft Edge), you may experience some lagging but will still be able to book your Flu Shot.

Why do I have to create an account and what is done with my information?

We have introduced online scheduling as a way to streamline the appointment booking process and encourage more people to participate in the program.  To schedule your appointment you will need to provide your name and BC Public Service e-mail address.  This is the minimum amount of personal information required to book your requested time.  Personal information is stored on private servers in Canada (Victoria and North Vancouver to be precise) and information is not sold nor shared.  

Does the Calendar attachment open in my Outlook?


What's Healthserv's Privacy Policy?

After booking your appointment you will receive an email confirming your appointment.  You can opt to add this appointment to your Outlook Calendar, either by manually entering the details or by opening the .ics file attached to the email.

In order to add another level of security and protection, your appointment will open in a separate 2018 Flu Shot Appointment calendar within your Outlook.  Simply drag and drop the appointment into your own calendar.

This added level of protection ensures there is no rogue processes working in the background and adheres to the Provincial Government's own security standards.

We at Healthserv Professionals take the privacy of our clients very seriously.  Our full External Privacy Policy can be found here.

Should you have any questions regarding our policies on client privacy and confidentiality, please direct your enquiries in writing to our Privacy Officer at